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Yep, we’re a direct sales company and we LOVE to party! We LOVE to bring the foodie experience, the delicious tasting YUMMY approved goodies to your home! We want you to relax, enjoy time with friends and learn all about our Do You Bake? Products. We completely and totally appreciate you supporting our very awesome, YUMM Approved ambassadors! They work hard, they believe in our products and they just want to share the no chemical, no additive, no preservative, no fake stuff YUMM with you!

We are just as passionate about our Foodie choices as our ambassadors are! Yep, we love food, but we love taste and flavor even more! Do You Bake? Offers a full range of products, from seasonings to meal kits and solutions. We offer delicious mixes to satisfy your sweet tooth and we offer YUMMY on the go snackin’ attackin’ noshing bites.  We even have launched into a full Do You Bake? Gluten Free Line of products to include Gluten Free Baking Mixes, Gluten Free Snacks and Gluten Free Sauces. While not Gluten Free certified (yet), all of our Gluten Free products are processed in their very own, separate, no wheat allowed facility!

To top it off, all of our foodie products are made in the USA and Canada. Our ingredients are sourced for the most part in Canada and the USA, with some ingredients (because we can’t grow them) coming from other countries who offer things like the special and gourmet spices we just have to use to YUMM up the flavor!

We at Do You Bake? love variety, we embrace different cultures and will continue to expand our lines of products to give you more options, easy ways to bring the dinner, the lunch, the snack, the sweet home to you!

We also LOVE whole foods, we love to show you, educate you on how to incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables into your daily meals, snacks and dessert routines. Adding some extra nutrition, never can hurt! Lots of YUMMY ways to kick up the flavor even more!

With our recipe site, we not only want to share you some of our YUMMY creations, but we also want to educate you about nutrition, fruits and veggies and more.

Everyone in the Do You Bake? Family wishes to share the YUMMY baking and chef tips we have developed and our families have developed over the years. Your kitchen, your noshing and your dining experience should be FUN and YUMMY! We want to make the kitchen prep as easy as possible and show you that you really create a YUMM affect with little effort with incorporating the easy to use Do You Bake? Products.

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