Carrot Cake Sandwich Cookies

Carrot Cake Sandwich Cookies

By March 27, 2015

This is a must try twist on Carrot Cupcakes or Carrot cake. Soft and chewy cookies, made with Do You Bake? Eat em Upcake mix that come together in a cinch.

  • Prep Time : 20 minutes
  • Cook Time : 10 minutes
  • Yield : 18 - 24 sandwich cookies



  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F
  2. Prepare your Do You Bake? Crazy for Carrot eat 'em Upcake box mix per package directions and add in the oatmeal to your mix.
  3. Spoon heaping teaspoons of batter onto lightly greased (or parchment lined and lightly greased) cookie sheets.
  4. Press batter out slightly with back of spoon (cookies will not spread very much)
  5. Bake for 11 - 13 minutes
  6. Cool on cookie sheets and then transfer to wire rack and allow to cool completely
  7. Frost with your Crazy for Carrot Eat em upcake maple frosting (prepared per package directions) and enjoy
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Try these delicious and easy to make Carrot cake sandwich cookies.  Easy as 1-2-3 with your Do You Bake? Crazy for Carrot Eat ‘em UpCake Mix.  Fill with your delicious maple frosting (included in your Carrot Upcake’s mix box) and enjoy!

Soft and chewy cookies enjoyed by all ages.

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