Do you know nitrous oxide (E 942)? And do you know where to find it?

Nitrous oxide is a colorless, slightly sweet gas that is commonly used for anesthesia and pain relief, but people also use it to make them feel drunk or high.

Main important points about E 942 – nitrous oxide

It is of natural origin
It is suitable for children – it must not be used in baby food
It is not an allergen – it is completely safe, in higher concentrations it can cause hallucinations

Production E942

Nitrous oxide is a byproduct of burning any fossil fuel.

It is produced commercially by heating ammonium nitrate to 240 degrees. Water vapor and impurities are subsequently removed by passing through a series of filters.

Where is nitrous oxide (E 942) used?

It is a food additive that is used as a “propellant” in whipped cream.

Among other things, it is used in the automotive industry to increase engine performance, is commonly used by dentists, and is increasingly being used to treat people who are recovering from alcohol addiction.

Specific foods

  • Milbona – sweetened whipped cream in a spray

Is E942 healthy?

It is completely safe. Its high concentration can cause mind-body dissociation (feeling of floating), distorted perception and, in rare cases, visual hallucinations.

Use in the EU vs. USA vs. world

Its use as a packing gas is approved both in the EU and the USA or Australia.