Garlic Butter Corn on the Cob

Garlic Butter Corn on the Cob

By July 25, 2015

Every summer we look forward to fresh fruit and vegetables and corn is no exception.  There is something deliciously satisfying about a freshly grilled batch of corn on the cob smothered with homemade garlic butter. Served along side hot dogs, hamburgers and other summer cookout festivities.

  • Prep Time : 10 minutes
  • Cook Time : 15 minutes
  • Yield : 6 - 8 cobs



2 - 3 hours ahead of time :
  1. Prepare Garlic Butter : Combine softened butter, Do You Bake? For the love of garlic seasoning and salt.  Blend well until fully combined. Refrigerate until ready to use. (for a presentation ready Herb butter all, remove from refrigerator in 30 minutes and roll into a butter ball in between a piece of parchment paper. Return to refrigerator for flavors to combine until ready to serve)
  2. Prepare the Corn : Pull the husks down and remove the silk. Roll the husks back up and soak cobs of corn in a large pot of water. Add Sugar to water and let sit until ready to grill
Grill Time! :
  1. Remove corn from water.
  2. Preheat gas grill to 350F
  3. Under a medium flame grill corn on each side until your husks have light grill marks and corn is tender
  4. Serve with freshly made garlic butter
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Corn on the cob is a perfect summer side. Grilled or boiled, top it with fresh garlic butter and serve. Perfect summer side for a summer cookout

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