What cuts of beef can you make a dish from?

From the rear parts of cows (bulls, steers, heifers) you can choose thigh, shoulder, roast or tenderloin. You can conjure up a stewed or boiled piece of meat from the shoulder. Grilled, roasted or stewed slices and tenderloin, for example, make a juicy steak.

From the front, then the collar, neck and giblets, i.e. entrails. The meatball makes an excellent goulash, the neck can be made into a ground beef semi-finished product, and everyone can choose the tasty one from the entrails. Someone is sure to like tripe, liver, heart or even tongue.

What benefits does beef have for the body?

Looking for inspiration for a protein packed lunch? This can get you a decent piece of beef. Do you engage in regular physical activity and need to build muscle mass? Try our recipes for roast beef with or without mushrooms .

Are you struggling with high blood cholesterol? Treat yourself to beef again. This is because it is rich in conjugated lanolinic acid. The main effect of this acid is to reduce blood cholesterol. But avoid frying the meat. Rather choose boiling, stewing or baking. Grilling is also not excluded. Try our grilled beef rolls, for example .

Vitamin B3, B6, B12, selenium, zinc, iron and phosphorus. These vitamins and minerals are abundant in beef.

Taste recipes known and unknown

What is your favorite piece of meat? And how do you prepare it? Do you like goulash with dumplings or do you prefer minutes with grilled vegetables? Get inspired by our beef recipes. Goulash lovers can take a look at how to make the best goulash from different types of meat .