Raw or RAW recipes

It can also be used in raw form. Although it is stiffer than heat-treated, it retains a full dose of nutrients. In this form, you can enjoy, for example, beetroot carpaccio. Thin slices of beetroot are pickled in the dressing, in which the beetroot softens beautifully and matures in taste.

You can also prepare a great and healthy beetroot smoothie from the fresh version . In combination with fruits and vegetables, it is really great.

Pink soups with eastern roots

Have you ever tasted a Ukrainian soup called borscht? Its main ingredient is beetroot. Check out our tips for great borscht .

Baked, steamed, grilled or dried

Whether you prepare it in baked or stewed form, it will simply be good. For optimal preservation of vitamins, you can prepare it over steam in the skin. This way it can then be used for spreads, salads, appetizers or desserts.

Heat treatment by grilling is a quick way to prepare it for further use.

Drying is a great way to preserve it for when you need it. You can make chips out of it, just add your favorite herbs.

Sweet desserts and red velvets

The sweet combination is becoming really popular. Whether you make muffins, a cake or a dessert, it's really delicious. A very famous dessert that has earned the name red velvet . Although the original recipe does not include beetroot, it is improvised for healthier variants. The goal is to obtain a beautiful red color of the dessert dough. And he has beets. Get inspired by the best beetroot pastries .