How about an honest broth

If you want to cook a really good broth, don't skimp on the amount of ingredients or time - in short, you won't cook a decent broth in half an hour. The best stock is from the bones , and if you want to make a real delicacy, put the bones in a hot oven for a few minutes before cooking. You can use beef, pork or poultry bones. Turkey bones are the best, and you can achieve interesting flavors by using smoked bones.

Put the bones (meat) in the water first, only after some time the rest of the ingredients, i.e. root vegetables, garlic, onions and spices.

As soon as the water starts to bubble, reduce the flame to minimum and do not forget to skim the foam that forms on the surface. Only without it will the broth be beautifully clear.

The broth is boiled for several hours, but the result is worth it. You will appreciate honest meat or vegetable broth as the basis of holiday soup , or as an ingredient in many dishes, from Italian risotto to Czech sauces.

Broth soup

Once the broth is ready, you can use it immediately, or freeze it when it's cold, it will come in handy when you don't have time to spend half a day at the stove.

Broth is the basis of most soups , from garlic to vegetable creams. By adding dumplings, noodles or boiled groats, you can instantly conjure up a delicious soup that the whole family will enjoy. Try, for example, the best recipes for easy broth soups.

Health benefits of broth

In a good broth, everything you put in the pot is cooked, from meat to vegetables to spices. It is therefore a very easily digestible form of food that is very rich in nutrients and you can consume it even at times when you are sick or cannot bite into regular food.

A few teaspoons of the broth will put the patient on his feet, and if you're suffering from a pulled tooth, a cup of broth will warm your soul and body. The broth used to be cooked for new mothers to gain strength after childbirth, and it does the same service today.

What makes a good broth beneficial for our health:

  • Contains collagen beneficial for joints, hair and nails
  • It contains minerals, especially calcium and magnesium
  • It is easily digestible - suitable for supplementing nutrients in postoperative diets
  • Increases intestinal permeability
  • Supports the natural immune system