Use seasonal fruits

The time for buns and cakes is clearly summer, when the season of juicy fruits is at its peak. Nothing tastes as good as the combination of sweet dough and slightly sweet and sour fruit. Blueberry buns , refreshing sour cherry buns or perhaps gardenplum pie are among the most popular .

In autumn, take advantage of the pumpkin harvest and bake fantastic pumpkin buns and pastries . In combination with gingerbread spices, their taste will pleasantly surprise you.

However, you don't have to bake without fruit even in winter - you can freeze summer fruit without any problems and you can put frozen fruit on top of the dough, the result will be excellent. For frozen fruit, we recommend using a breadcrumb to absorb excess liquid from the fruit. If you like a juicy base, put one extra layer between the dough and fruit and bake a bun with pudding or cottage cheese.

Bake all year round

While refreshing light desserts are tempting in the summer, in the winter you can also try denser doughs. Not only Christmas time encourages the use of oriental spices such as cinnamon, star anise or ginger. It is also the right time to prepare creamy pastries with butter, which suffer from a short shelf life in the summer months. Bake asweet roulade or a banana bun for Sunday , because the banana season is at its peak in winter!

While winter is dominated by baking Christmas cookies, spring is more associated with preparations for Easter and end of winter celebrations. Take this opportunity to bake sweet treats for carolers and guests who come to visit you during the holidays. The traditional Easter lamb , leavened pudding , and several types of Easter sweets should not be missing from the festive table .

Rediscover sweet foods

While in the past it was common to serve sweet food as a main course at least once a week, today's trends often look down on meat-free dishes. However, the daily consumption of meat is neither healthy, nor economical, and certainly not ecological. Do not be afraid to include the sweet dishes of our grandmothers in the menu, in combination with legume soup or an honest broth, it can be a nutritionally balanced dish.

Try the traditional recipe for ducat buns with shodó or bake classic cottage cheese buns .