Both white and red in an acidic way

We all know sauerkraut. It can be perfectly paired with meat and cold cuts. Dumplings with sauerkraut are a traditional Slovak dish that is among our very well-known ones. Get inspired by other tips on how to use pickled white and red cabbage .

We must mention that it is very healthy. It is said to be a cure-all. However, semi-finished products in supermarkets lack nutrient quality as a result of chemical and physical processes. It is therefore best to prepare such sauerkraut at home. Some of you may have childhood images of trampling cabbage, and maybe some of you still do today.

Braised cabbage

All you have to do is roll it, stew it, season it and you've got an excellent side dish. But how to do that? Do you have your proven recipes? And if not, come and see how to make a really good steamed cabbage . For that, you can choose, for example, roast duck with potato dumpling or excellent roast rabbit .

Baked specialties

Of course, you can also use sauerkraut for baked specialties. And if you like these kinds of dishes, you will absolutely love it. Try, for example, the recipe for baked cabbage with smoked meat and potatoes .

Loading and saving at a convenient time

We can also make excellent garnishes for main courses in stock. Try our tips for an excellent chalamada with cabbage . You can use it for meat dishes, but also as an addition to potato pancakes.

And what are your favorite cabbage recipes?