Popular cupcake recipes

Bábovka is one of the most popular sweet pastries because it is quick to prepare and there are many variations, so it can be different every time. If you want to bet on a classic, grandma's marbled cake will certainly not disappoint. Fluffy puff pastry with ground nuts or rubbed puff pastry are also very popular.

If you prefer softer buns, the cottage cheese cake is just right for you. The cottage cheese makes it denser and heavier, but certainly not dry. Curd cake is a classic, but you can also try other variants - add kefir, buttermilk or yogurt to the dough instead of curd. You can also achieve smoothness by using a suitable fat - the butter or oil cake will always melt on the tongue.

The cake looks good, so you can also prepare it for festive occasions. In such cases, don't skimp on the ingredients - use cream instead of milk and a luxurious whipped cream cake is born.

If you like to experiment and try new flavors , you can also prepare the cake a little differently this time. Try, for example, a fantastic pumpkin pie or other non-traditional recipes . You will see that you will reap success.

5 tips for the best cake

  • Whip the egg whites and yolks separately, the cake will be fluffy
  • Always use a fatter curd for the curd cake, it will be pretty pliable
  • Nut cake will taste even better if you use whole grain or hemp flour in it
  • Curd cake will never be fluffy - you don't need to add baking powder to it
  • Never fill the cake tin to the brim, it could leak out and start to burn in two ovens. If you have a lot of dough, bake a few muffins from it .