Bake a creamy classic

When we think of a cake, most of us think of a multi-layered sponge cake connected by buttercream and decorated with everything possible. Don't be afraid to let your imagination run wild and combine different types of dough with tasty creams and toppings. For example, you will be surprised by the body of the pumpkin dough or the mascarpone frosting, which will give the finished cake softness and suppleness.

When it comes to raw materials, bet on quality and definitely don't skimp. The money saved is not worth much in the case of a cake - cream without butter will simply never taste like what grandma used to make. You don't have to chase quality with quantity. Even an inexpensive cake decorated with a few pieces of fresh fruit is guaranteed to be more successful than a cake covered with a thick layer of canned fruit.

Do you want to bake a luxurious dessert that everyone will enjoy? Bet on the classics and try the chocolate cake recipe , you can choose from several variants.

Try the sweet refreshment from the fridge

Are you planning a summer party or a weekend barbecue with friends and would you like to treat your guests to a sweet cake? If you don't want to make a baked cake with heavy cream for fear that it will melt and no one will eat it anyway, make a no-bake cake!

No-bake cakes are easy to prepare and a longer stay in the fridge will take care of the finish. You can use seasonal fruits in unlimited quantities and in combinations, and with a little skill you can create a piece just as wonderful as classic cakes.

You don't have to be afraid of the monotonous taste of unbaked puff pastry - you can also make the supporting body of the cake from baked dough or perhaps cocoa sponges. Then make the body of the cake special by adding flavored custard or coconut milk. You can also decorate an unbaked cake - if there are bananas in it, for example, the chocolate coating will taste great.

Different occasions call for different recipes, so in winter it is better to bet on traditional flavors with the scent of cinnamon, while in summer most guests will be pleased with a light fruit cake. You don't have to worry about special cakes for festive occasions either. With our recipes, you can easily bake the best cake for Easter or modern birthday cakes covered with colorful fondant.