Celery bulb vs petiole

We process celeriac with its root and leaf parts. If it's nice, don't throw it away, but make homemade pesto or use it to flavor soup. For a change, stalked celery has leaves, i.e. petioles. The tuber is very famous in our country, because like other types of root vegetables, it is an integral part of the most central dishes.

Could you imagine the best potato salad without this ingredient? It is also directly removed in broths. It complements carrots and parsley and creates a slightly spicy aftertaste. See how it can be beautifully used in recipes for poultry offal soups or make a delicious soup cream from it .

Use it in appetizers, soups, side dishes, main courses and appetizers. Have you tried celery fries yet?

Celery stalks are becoming more and more popular. Every modern kitchen cannot do without it. It is said that it even has a very positive effect on weight loss. It is made into juices and drunk as a slimming treatment. There are also great recipes for celery stalk smoothies . It is a vitamin bomb that will stimulate the body and mind.

Use it in spreads, soups, salads and as a side dish. We can also enjoy it in RAW form. This is how you can indulge in canapés smeared with cheese spread.

Celery is really really healthy, do you know why?

Contains important vitamins A, C, B1, B2 and B6. Of the minerals iron, sodium, calcium, potassium and magnesium. It is a source of fiber and a natural aphrodisiac.