The ideal treat for a celebration

Small appetizers with various types of spreads are a popular part of festive entertainment at family and company celebrations. Small canapés are easy to eat and look tempting when supplemented with a piece of vegetable or, for example, an olive. In the case of an event for adults, you don't have to be afraid to prepare spicy spreads and other cheese delicacies .

Aromatic cheeses go well with beer and wine, so we shouldn't forget them when preparing a treat. However, some types of cheese are not suitable for consumption on their own - the soft camembert cannot be grasped properly after a few minutes on the plate, the cheese is too gooey and the parmesan cheese is quite hard.

These cheeses are then ideal for processing into a spread - niva or canapés with ermine spread and a piece of tangerine are party staples.

A healthy snack for children

Cheese and vegetable spreads are a welcome change in the diet of small and older children. Most of the snacks bought for children are sweet - from fruit pouches to whole grain biscuits.

However, not every child is such a sweet lover, and in addition, too much sugar is not good for children or adults. Prepare delicious spreads for children and decorate them, for example, with vegetables cut out with cookie cutters. You will see that such a meal will attract many small diners.