Chicken broth - the king of all soups

Slow-cooked broth is not only a decoration of the holiday menu, but also the basis of many other recipes. If you want to make a really strong broth with a rich flavor, use chicken meat. Chicken broth has a specific yellow color and an intense taste.

In order to achieve a really high-quality broth, cook the chicken in a sufficient amount of water on a low heat for several hours. Once the water starts bubbling, be sure to skim off the foam to keep the chicken stock nice and clear.

Other options for preparing chicken meat

Chicken has a really rich use in the kitchen . Thanks to this, you can prepare it often and every time differently - you won't get tired of its taste right away.

Try, for example, the excellent poultry goulash - it is lighter and more digestible than classic beef or pork goulash and has a specific taste.

Chicken meat is excellent for frying. It is the fastest preparation and if you leave a piece of skin on a slice of chicken meat, the result will be a crispy delicacy. Don't know how to do it? Prepare one of the fried chicken recipes .

Chicken meat is also very popular in foreign cuisine . Exotic curry-style delicacies are packed with flavor and at the same time there is nothing complicated about it - stewed chicken meat in a thick sauce with lots of fragrant spices.

Of course, you can also roast a whole chicken in the style of a duck or a goose . If you use wild spices for venison, such as juniper or bay leaf, you will conjure up an excellent delicacy in hunting style, which will, however, be cooked for a significantly shorter time.

Also use other parts of the chicken, such as the innards. These are suitable not only for chicken broth, but also as the basis of a quick meal. From the chicken liver, you can conjure up not only a fried classic, but also a quick appetizer for beer.