Candy belongs to Christmas

The first thing we start preparing is usually candy. What are the best-known and most popular types of bread baked in Czech households every year?

  • Linz
  • rolls
  • Gingerbreads
  • Iselska
  • coffee beans
  • wasp nests
  • rum balls
  • coconuts
  • rafaello
  • whipped cream, custard and machine cookies

Here you can be inspired by a wide selection of delicious types of sweets. Among the less traditional pieces, we can offer you great carrot candy .

Sweet baking not only for breakfast

Christmas cake, a gallery or panettone. Many of us cannot imagine the holidays without them. Do you know how to make a homemade piece of delicious yeast Christmas ? Take a look at the tips on how to prepare the perfect Christmas stole .

Christmas dinner

What menu composition comes to mind? Do you have the same thing every year or not?


Such an appetizer can be enjoyed during the day in the form of sweets, canapés or sandwiches. That is, of course, only those who are not fasting. To whet your appetite for dinner, feel free to get inspired by these great savory cookie recipes .


Legume, fish or broth? Which one is yours? These are among the most common. Take a look at the tips for an amazing fish soup .

Main course

Potato salad comes in many varieties. With or without sausage, with eggs, corn or apple. With yogurt or tartare. What is yours? And if you don't have your chosen one yet, get inspired by our best potato salads .

And what is your favorite piece of meat? Fish, fillet or steaks? Take a look at how you can prepare the perfect carp this year .

25 hints and tips for preparing Christmas cookies

  • Before baking, we always prepare all the ingredients we will need so that we don't have to run away from the dough.
  • The ingredients for the dough must be at the same, mostly room temperature.
  • Various nuts, almonds or coconut acquire a very good taste if they are dry-roasted in the oven before being incorporated into the dough.
  • If we need unsalted pistachios for our cookies, we can buy already salted ones, peel them from the shells, cover them with hot water and boil them briefly. The salt will be lost and we will be left with beautiful green kernels.
  • We first cut the ingredients, especially the fat, with a knife, only then knead it with our hands.
  • The finished dough must rest, we store it in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes before using it again. The longer the resting time, the tastier the candy and the better it holds its shape. If possible, we prepare the dough one day in advance. The exception is gingerbread dough, it should be left for up to three days.
  • Sift the sugar and flour through a sieve. The dough will rise and there will be no lumps in it.
  • We use powdered sugar for the Linz dough, crystal sugar would create dark dots in the dough.
  • We can divide the gingerbread dough into several parts and work different types of nuts or candied fruit into each part. Store in a well-closed box with a few slices of apple. Thanks to the apple, the gingerbread will be softer.
  • If the fragile dough does not come together, we do not add flour, but a little egg white or water. More flour will make the cookies hard.
  • Some types of dough can be frozen for storage (e.g. Lineck, dough for vanilla rolls, etc.). We can freeze raw or already baked but not filled and unglued pieces of candy.
  • Egg whites for macaroon dough or egg white cookies must always be chilled before use. We beat all the ingredients into egg white snow until the very end. The candy must not be baked, only dried, otherwise it will stick.
  • The macaroons will be especially crunchy if, just before baking, they are sprinkled with powdered sugar and the scoops are placed on the pastry wafers. Baked and cooled, we can also freeze them.
  • If the dough sticks to the rolling pin, place baking paper between the dough and the rolling pin.
  • Before cutting out the cookies, we can slide the molds into smooth flour. This way, the candy will not stick to the molds or shapes.
  • While the dough is resting, preheat the oven to the desired temperature. We never put the tray in a cold oven, the cookies would turn out to be unsightly pancakes.
  • For electric and gas ovens, set the tray to the middle groove. With a hot air oven, we can use the bottom, middle and top slot at the same time.
  • Before baking, grease the baking sheets with a thin layer of fat or place baking paper on them. We can use it several times in a row.
  • If we want to prevent the cookies from cracking during baking, we can put a small pot of water in the oven.
  • We remove the baked cookies immediately from the tray, otherwise they will stick to us and fall apart when we remove them. If we manage to miss this moment, we return the tray to the oven for a few minutes and we can release the cookies.
  • Place on a kitchen grid or a cold, ungreased baking sheet to cool.
  • After cooling, it is best to store in paper boxes in a cold place so that the cookies are pliable.
  • Confectionery that is glued with marmalade or jam can be glued immediately after it has cooled down. We wait until just before consumption with the candy that we fill with creams.
  • If the marmalade is too stiff, we can dilute it with a teaspoon of rum. It will get a great taste and the candy will last longer.
  • Cocoa icing is the most suitable for topping cookies, it contains a high proportion of cocoa butter, enhances the flavor of the cookies and dries quickly.