Which cottage cheese to choose?

Did you know that cottage cheese is a Czech specialty? In Europe, a similar milk product is produced only in Poland. While you can't find cottage cheese anywhere else in the world, here you can choose from several variants.

The basic division is to distinguish between hard and soft cottage cheese . Hard cottage cheese can be grated and is mainly used to sprinkle sweet fruit dumplings. You can then buy soft cottage cheese in low-fat, semi-fat and full-fat variants. If you don't know which one to choose, you can't go wrong with the golden mean.

If you are preparing a festive treat and you care about both appearance and taste, use full-fat cottage cheese, which has a fine texture and a full, smooth taste. On the other hand, low-fat cottage cheese is rougher on the tongue and has a relatively strong taste, which needs to be overpowered by stronger flavoring. However, its indisputable advantage is the minimum number of calories, which makes it perfect for preparing diet dishes. In addition, it is directly loaded with healthy proteins , so it is loved not only by dieters, but especially by active athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

A healthy snack and a tasty dinner

Cheese spread is a simple dish that you can prepare in no time and you can keep it in the fridge for several days and, if necessary, just spread it on a piece of bread. Try the best recipes for cottage cheese spread , which are ideal as a hearty snack for school, work or on a trip.

A spread can also be a quick solution if you don't know what to prepare for dinner. If you also spread it on a slice of fresh bread or crispy toast, an otherwise ordinary meal becomes a real delicacy.

Celebrations and parties: spread in the main role

If you are preparing a treat for a family celebration or a New Year's Eve party with friends, canapés with spread are a must! They are easy to prepare and go well with beer , wine and alcoholic cocktails.

The choice is practically unlimited - garlic, cheese or even tuna are among the most popular. Use cottage cheese as a base and a small treat suddenly becomes a meal that fills you up .