Thick cream that warms

If you cook a thick cream soup for your main meal and add, for example, a piece of pastry, it is guaranteed to warm you not only internally, but also to your soul. Honest soup gets the blood flowing and gives the body a new zest for life.

An excellent choice can be traditional borscht , which is prepared not only in Russia and Ukraine in the winter in several ways. Choose the variant with cream, with meat or without, there are several options. All you have to do is choose the right recipe for borscht .

Creamy soups with or without meat?

Creamy soup can be made from practically any ingredients , the basic requirement is to mix everything at the right time and thicken according to taste and need.

When preparing it, you can really use everything - from various types of vegetables that can be combined with each other, to fish, legumes, offal, to the remains of hard bread. Don't be afraid to experiment, there are no limits to your imagination!

The thick soup cream is also an ideal choice for vegetarians and vegans - you can conjure up a delicious soup in a few minutes from a little vegetables and, for example, coconut milk, which can also be used as a main dish. How about trying a creamy pumpkin soup or a delicious cream of broccoli in several ways?

Tip for gourmets: cold soup

Especially in the hot summer, we often don't feel like hot food, but you know it: soup is grunt... Try one of the original recipes for fantastic cold soups . They were created in coastal countries precisely to refresh you and at the same time supply the necessary nutrients like a classic soup.