A good cream makes a good dessert

You've probably already experienced the disappointment when you taste a beautiful-looking cake at a wedding reception, but it's filled with a dense buttercream with no smell or taste. Therefore, do not forget that the cream determines the taste of the entire dough and the dough is only its carrier.

Most people prefer sweeter creams, in which the taste of fat disappears if possible. Classic cake cream tends to be too thick and greasy for some. You can achieve a distinct but delicate flavor by using, for example, cooked pudding with flavor, or by mixing the flavoring component directly into the finished cream. This is how you can easily prepare, for example, coffee, cocoa, coconut or vanilla pudding cream for a cake.

One of the most popular is the chocolate cream, which goes well with a cake with a cocoa, hazelnut or plain crust.

Remember to always use a little alcohol, eg rum, to extend the shelf life of the cream. You will especially appreciate this when preparing Christmas cookies, which sometimes last for several months.

Look at the large overview with recipes for creams and toppings .

Choose the right candy filling

Individual types of Christmas, Easter and wedding cookies go well with different types of filling. While it is hard to imagine Linnaeus hearts glued with anything other than a slightly sweet and sour red marmalade, the choice is not so clear-cut when it comes to wasps' nests or glued gingerbread.

In principle, the rules of Christmas baking are up to you, and if your family loves coffee cream, feel free to fill all possible sweets with it. Don't forget, however, that some types of dough have a distinct taste on their own, and too much aromatic cream would rather harm them. Therefore, be careful when filling soft gingerbread, ginger dough or even coconut pastry, which can tolerate more delicate types of cream.

Cream or frosting?

When decorating baked pastries, you can use a wide selection of homemade toppings, which will determine the final taste and especially the appearance of the finished dessert. For example, a cupcake without frosting would be just a plain muffin, and a gingerbread topped with your favorite lemon frosting will get just the right twist.

Don't be afraid to try cream for a cake with mascarpone or fluffy toppings with cream cheese, which have been very popular in recent years and add softness to even a drier dough.