Festive cuts with cream

Fluffy slices with cream frosting are the perfect sweet treat for any celebration or family gathering, especially if you are expecting more guests. If you also cut them into small pieces, they will be convenient for guests to eat. You can therefore also use the slices as part of a wedding reception, where they will be perfectly complemented with other wedding sweets .

Richly decorated cuts look luxurious and their preparation is simple. You can make the basic dough in no time, and the result depends on your creativity when decorating the baked cake. Don't be afraid to use your imagination and try non-traditional ingredients, for example excellent slices of Hokkaido pumpkin or gingerbread slices taste great and elevate ordinary sponge dough into a luxurious dessert.

Various cuts are also excellent as a dessert after a festive lunch. Try the sweet Easter cuts , which you can bake at any time of the year. For festive cuts, don't forget rich decoration, you can choose a neutral base of white or cream frosting and then decorate each piece separately with, for example, a marzipan flower, a dollop of whipped cream or pieces of chocolate.

Summer fruit cuts will refresh you

During the summer months, a lot of fruit ripens, which are great for all kinds of cakes and slices on a baking sheet. Bake your favorite bublanin , for which you can use practically any seasonal fruit, from currants to plums.

In winter, on the other hand, you can take advantage of the offer of tropical fruits, which are in peak season. Prepare your guests refreshing cuts with citrus or festive cuts with coconut , which will awaken the Christmas spirit in you.

If you choose the option without fruit, you can prepare quick cuts with cream or pudding all year round. Are you looking for the perfect dessert for a family celebration? Míša's favorite cuts with cottage cheese never disappoint!