A sweet start to the new day

In the morning we need a burst of new energy, and for many of us it is a sweet breakfast that starts the new day. A sweet homemade cake can be a welcome change from the usual breakfasts and, together with a good cup of coffee or your favorite tea, creates a pleasant start to the day.

If you want the energy from breakfast to last you until the next meal, choose a bun made from whole wheat flour or a cake in a mold with a filling containing enough protein, such as cottage cheese or yogurt.

If you take breakfast with you to work or on the road, choose a cake that is easy to transport and will not suffer serious damage on the way. Puff pastry cakes or lattice cakes are ideal .

Non-traditional raw materials play an important role

Don't be afraid to use unusual ingredients when preparing the dough, which you might never put in a sweet dough. In recent years, the popularity of pies with a distinctive flavor body, which can be achieved by enriching ordinary sponge cake with other vegetables or fruits, has been growing. You can enjoy, for example, beetroot cake or delicious hokkaido pumpkin pastries .

If you have your tried-and-true homemade fruitcake recipe, you can make it special with, for example, a rich creamy cream cheese frosting. Using this trick, you can turn an ordinary bun into a luxurious dessert that you don't have to be ashamed of even at a family party.

Back to traditions

Also, did your grandmother make the best cheesecake far and wide? The reason is simple - before, everything was done honestly and no one really minded the longer time spent in the kitchen. While today we focus on rather simple pudding recipes and resort to instant doughs, powdered toppings and cup desserts without weighing, our grandmothers took their time preparing pudding and it was also worth it.

Try not to rush for once and enjoy the time spent baking your favorite cake as much as eating it. Find your favorite sweet recipes, buy quality ingredients, collect fresh fruit from the garden and bake a treat that the whole family will love. You can try, for example, traditional housewarming cakes , and if you have a large company waiting for you, prepare the best candy that melts on your tongue.