Homemade dessert=the ideal sweet spot after lunch

If you are organizing a festive lunch, a birthday party or just want to make an ordinary weekend lunch with the family more pleasant, the sweet spot in the form of a pastry must not be missed. Bet on simple desserts and homemade cakes that are popular at all times.

If you don't have time, choose quick muffin cups with fruit from the garden or the freezer, which only take a few minutes to prepare and are ready to bake in the oven. For example, quick rhubarb cakes , a simple gingerbread on a baking sheet or a light dessert with compote mandarins are popular.

Festive pastries all year round

Some occasions directly encourage the preparation of more complex desserts and cakes. When preparing a wedding reception, every bride makes sure that her cookies are perfect and her wedding cakes are the best. We also like to bake festive cookies or luxurious buns for Christmas or Easter. You don't have to stick to classic recipes, don't be afraid to reach for non-traditional recipes. For example, delicious beetroot desserts or excellent homemade desserts in a gluten-free or vegan version are worth trying .

Bet on seasonality

Simple and quick doughnuts can be baked practically all year round. You can either choose universal ingredients and fillings, such as cottage cheese, yogurt or chocolate, or follow the season and the fruits that are available. The use of seasonal ingredients is natural for our body, and in addition, you will prevent unnecessary waste of local food.

In the spring, bet on cleansing the body after a long winter and bake light pastries without wheat flour , soft pastries with cottage cheese or fresh cakes with yogurt .

In summer, there is an abundance of all kinds of fruit, so bet on Czech classics and use the available cherries, strawberries, peaches or perhaps zucchini. You might be surprised at how delicious zucchini bread rolls are. If you're not in the mood to turn on the oven on a hot day, make your own refreshing fruit ice cream .

Autumn is marked by the harvest of apples, pears and pumpkins, so don't hesitate and try delicious pumpkin pastries . We certainly don't need to introduce you to the traditional apple strudel, the smell of cinnamon and raisins soaked in rum is perfect for crisp autumn days. How about trying other variants of the popular strudel ?

In winter, we can use durable ingredients that we harvested and canned in summer, or tropical fruits that are in peak season right now. Among the Czech ones, we can name, for example, poppy seed desserts , and if you prefer exotic flavors, bake a coconut bun or a bishop's sandwich full of dried fruit and nuts.