How to prepare duck meat

The most popular preparation is certainly roast duck . Ducks, like geese, tend to have a thick layer of fat under the skin, which is best loosened by long, slow roasting. This creates a roast that, poured over the meat, prevents the meat from drying out too much and burning.

If you don't want the whole roast duck, you can roast only part of it - usually the duck legs, which are juicier than the breast. Duck breast is excellent for grilling . They are prepared in the same way as chicken breasts, but they are more interesting in taste. Grilled poultry is generally easy to prepare and you will please almost any diner with it.

You can also use duck meat for soup, among the most famous is duck broth, the so-called kaldoun with duck meat dumplings.

Healthy duck treats

Most of us probably imagine the popular roast duck with dumplings and cabbage when we think of duck. This traditional Czech delicacy is one of the most common duck meat recipes, but it is definitely not a healthy dish. However, you don't have to eat duck drowned in its own fat.

In recent years, shredded duck meat has literally become a hit . For this delicacy, you need duck breast with the skin, but if you count every calorie, you can use it without the skin. Duck breast is the most dietary part of the duck, so you can indulge in it without fear. Unlike chicken breasts, they contain a number of vitamins and minerals, and the aforementioned shredded meat on a piece of fresh bread accompanied by a light salad is a real delicacy.

You can also mix the duck breast directly into the vegetable salad. Prepare your favorite dressing and the duck breast salad will serve as a great light lunch.

Duck meat soup is also worth trying. You can use both bones and meat and offal in it. You might be surprised how tasty and healthy such a soup made from duck entrails can be.