Lamb, egg and buttermilk as edible symbols of Easter


Surely, at the beginning of this holiday, the smell of home-made lamb will be heard in many kitchens. This symbol certainly belongs to Easter. Bake tender lamb with us, just like grandma's .


This symbolizes new life, resurrection or fertility. Eggs have a deep history and are still associated with this holiday today. Decorating eggs in many techniques is very popular. If you want to prepare something original with this theme, bake cookies for the Easter table .


The yeast dough spread, which consists of the same ingredients as the Christmas cake, is another popular delicacy. You can buy ready-made sardines in the store, but if you have the desire and time, bake your own delicious and tender sardines this year .

A treat for young and old carolers

You can prepare salty and sweet snacks. Bread rolls and canapés will be appreciated by everyone. Try, for example, egg sandwiches in different ways . If we have less time, try our recipes for quick preparation of snacks .

For little carolers, instead of sweets, you can prepare edible gifts in a healthier form. Gift them, for example, homemade marmalade made from various types of fruit or a mixture for preparing cookies in a glass.

Small and big sweet tooths will be delighted by the wonderful Easter cake or the best desserts in 5 forms .

Festive lunch: what to have?

Don't know what to cook on this festive day? You can be inspired by various recipes. We recommend tasting chicken in 5 ways, which you will enjoy . Or you don't know which soup to choose? We also have spring soups that are suitable for the festive table .