Traditional Easter spread

Egg spread is one of the favorite spring dishes , because eggs, as a symbol of birth, are inextricably linked not only to the spring season, but especially to the Easter holidays. However, you can enjoy your favorite Easter spread at any time of the year. It is best in combination with fresh bread and some green herbs on top - chives, watercress or chopped wild garlic leaves are ideal.

Are you preparing a treat for carolers ? Try other dishes with eggs that look good and taste great.

Prepare a light dinner

Are you wondering what to prepare for dinner in the hot summer when you don't really feel like eating? forget about heavy hot meals and bet on a fresh spread! There are countless proven recipes for summer spreads that you can prepare from available ingredients in no time and that the whole family will enjoy.

You can also hide otherwise unpopular vegetables in the spread, so if you are struggling with how to teach children to eat, for example, peppers, a colorful spread on a piece of crispy pastry can be the right choice.

If you choose cottage cheese as the basis of the spread, you will get an extra dose of healthy proteins in your body , which are needed not only for the proper functioning of the whole organism, but are also responsible, for example, for the creation of muscle mass during exercise and also help with weight reduction. After all, the same applies to egg whites, so don't be afraid to include healthy spreads in your diet as often as possible.