How to make a fruit salad

Preparing a tasty fruit salad is not difficult, just combine the right types, mix and, if necessary, season.

You can either prepare a quick salad without dressing, or try a fruit salad with yogurt or milk or cream dressing. If you add some nuts, muesli or oatmeal, you have a healthy breakfast full of vitamins. Don't be afraid to use sour cream or Greek yogurt. Fruit salad with cream contains fats that are important for the absorption of certain vitamins. Such a salad will also keep you full for a longer time and you won't be hungry soon.

Simple tropical fruit salads

The winter season brings with it an increased need for vitamins, and fresh fruit is an ideal and above all natural way to get as many of them as possible. Use your imagination and mix up a wonderfulwinter fruit salad that will give you energy and strengthen your immunity.

Although today it is possible to buy practically any fruit at any time of the year, it is still better to use seasonal fruit. Just as strawberries bought in February have nothing in common with fresh summer ones, tropical fruits also have their ripening period. The winter months are ideal for eating heat-loving fruits - add pineapple, oranges, papaya or mango to your salad. Fruit salad with mango will be naturally sweet and you can combine it with pieces of coconut.

If you really want to warm up, prepare a fruit salad with alcohol. Sweet dessert wines go well with fruit, as do fruit liqueurs. Coconut liqueur also goes well with tropical fruit, and fruit in champagne is also worth a try, which accentuates its taste even more.

Seasonal fruit salads

The main season for sweet fruit here is summer, when apricots, cherries, plums, wild berries and garden pears and apples ripen. Let's not forget watermelons, peaches or strawberries, which are abundant everywhere in summer. Take advantage of the low prices and easy availability of fruit and prepare fruit salads that will refresh you and perfectly complement your drinking regime.

If you don't feel like hot food on hot days, you can treat yourself to a fruit salad instead of lunch - you just need to supplement it with other ingredients so that it contains all the necessary nutrients. The fruit salad with nuts contains enough important fats and minerals, the yogurt dressing will provide protein. Don't be afraid to try a vegetable salad with fruit too, some related species like cucumbers and melons are very easy to combine.