Fruit smoothie without milk

Preparing a pure fruit smoothie is not a science, you just need to choose the right combination of fruits. Choose your favorite types, or try one of the proven top smoothie recipes - a blueberry smoothie loaded with antioxidants, a sweet pear smoothie or a refreshing orange smoothie . Don't forget the homemade seasonal fruit for smoothie preparation - apple, apricot or strawberry are among the favorite juicy ingredients.

If you throw only harder or less juicy types of fruit into the blender, it may happen that instead of a smoothie, you end up with a fruit mash in the container. Don't despair and add some fruit juice, water or soda. A fruit smoothie with water is a great supplement to your drinking regimen and will also supply your body with the necessary vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

Also worth trying are vegetable smoothies, which do not contain as much natural sugar as fruit shakes. A vegetable smoothie is an ideal snack if you are struggling with extra pounds . Include, for example , a tomato smoothie or a super healthy green smoothie for weight loss in your diet and the pounds will come off on their own.

Fruit smoothie with milk - milkshake

A fruit smoothie with milk or yogurt can be an ideal breakfast or snack. Don't be afraid to experiment with the ingredients and add chia seeds, cinnamon or a pinch of turmeric to the blender, you will be pleasantly surprised by their taste.

For a fruit smoothie with milk, you can use both homegrown and tropical fruit. Try, for example, an exotic smoothie with mango or a velvety avocado smoothie , which will give you a lot of energy and nutrients for the whole morning.