Are you in the mood for a real country venison delicacy? Prepare a delicious hare in cream , an excellent venison stew or baked pheasant .

How to prepare wild meat

Didn't get a nice piece of venison? It doesn't matter, you can easily prepare another type of game meat, just use the right spices, headed with juniper. Try simple recipes for meat ala venison that the whole family will love.

Did you know that rabbit meat and hare meat are also counted among game ? Although rabbits run around grandma's backyard rather than the woods, their meat is closest in quality and taste to venison. Prepare your favorite rabbit in several ways , and if you would like to taste something more gamey, try a delicious roasted hare .

Game=the healthiest meat

Game is probably the healthiest option of meat , as it contains a minimum of fat and harmful substances caused by large-scale farming. Wild animals run freely in the forests and fields and are not fed with industrial feed. Therefore, even "wild" meat is loaded with health-promoting substances and can be enjoyed by all followers of a healthy lifestyle.