Are you in the mood for a juicy piece of poultry and at the same time need to entertain the whole family? Bet on a traditional lunch with goose as the main course!

How to prepare goose meat

Goose meat is heavier than chicken, but it tastes even better. As with other types of meat, goose can be processed whole - honest goose soup with dumplings, appetizers and giblets such as goose pate or goose liver delicacies are excellent. We must not forget goose lard, which has a more pronounced taste than ordinary pork lard. And finally, goose meat, most often roasted, is the decoration of many holiday tables.

Goose meat is best suited for baking . Thanks to the higher fat content, it does not burn, and the lard that gradually separates from the goose is perfect for basting the roast during preparation.

You can also prepare the individual parts of the goose separately - goose thighs or breasts are also excellent prepared in a pan with vegetables.

Traditional goose feasts in Czech and Moravian cuisine

Roasted goose is one of the traditional Czech holiday dishes. St. Martin's Goose is most often baked on November 11th, but St. Stephen's Goose baked on the 2nd Christmas Day, i.e. December 26th, is no exception. Due to its size, the goose is an ideal piece of meat if you are preparing food for a large company . In the case of roast goose, everyone has their own choice - you can choose from leaner goose breasts to crispy, fatty skin.

A large amount of lard is released from the goose during roasting, so dumplings , which absorb the excess fat well, are the ideal side dish. Well, for digestion, the best choice is beer, which goes hand in hand with the taste of goose delicacies.