Vegetables as an appetizer and side dish

Treat yourself to delicious and juicy vegetables. Different types of vegetables can be prepared by grilling. Among the most popular are corn, carrots, zucchini, asparagus, potatoes, onions, eggplant, tomatoes, peppers or beetroot. It is best if you marinate the vegetables in advance or season them well. Check out our picks for the best vegetables to grill .

Meat you'll want to eat all the time

You can also prepare a large piece of meat. How to do it? It requires not only the right ingredients, but also the process. This way, the meat will retain its juiciness, and when it is properly seasoned, it is a poem. Get inspired by grilling tips for preparing more than just meat and prepare pork neck, chicken, ribs, vegetables or mushrooms.

Excellent fish can also be prepared in this way. It all depends on your choice. Do you like trout, mackerel or salmon? And sausages are no problem either. Get inspired to make the best grilled sausages .

Do you know how to make the best marinade? The interplay of flavors must be the best. How do you get there? Try themost popular barbecue marinades .

In foil for faster and tastier preparation

In addition, even smaller pieces can be nicely grilled in foil, no juice from meat, vegetables or fruit drips into the grill and nothing gets baked. Would you like a juicy piece of pineapple, a mixture of vegetables, mushrooms, ermine or chicken? See how to make the tastiest barbecue in foil .

Cheeses for vegetables, meat or just like that

Ermines are especially popular. Whether they are pickled in herbs or just plain, they are simply delicious. And when combined with pieces of grilled vegetables, it's great. Check out the grilled cheese recipes in 3 variations and choose the best one.

Don't have your own grill yet? Did you know that you can grill meat, vegetables or cheese in the comfort of your home, for example with the help of a toaster?

In reviews of toasters, you will learn what else they can do besides grilling .