How to create a balanced diet


They consist of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. The optimal ratio of macronutrients is:

  • Carbohydrates - 55-60%
  • Fats - 25-30%
  • Proteins - 15-20%


There are vitamins and minerals in the diet. We have a wide range of them, but none of them should be forgotten.

Eat regularly

The interval between meals should be approximately 3 hours. Divide your food into 5-6 portions per day.

The following table will tell us how to assemble the individual courses:

Breakfast 20-25%
Snack 10-15%
Lunch 25-30%
Second snack 10-15%
Dinner 25-30%

Daily caloric intake

For each individual, the intake of calories and energy from food is individual. It depends on weight, height, gender, age and amount of movement.

Drink a lot

Fluids are an integral part of a healthy diet. Avoid sugary drinks, excess alcohol and caffeine.

Breakfast tips

At the start of the day, aim for carbohydrates from whole grains and fruit, unsaturated fatty acids from seeds, nuts and quality margarines, and protein from dairy products. Our tip is homemade healthy muesli and homemade yogurt .

Snacks for morning and afternoon

They should meet the same requirements as breakfast, but they should not be so hearty. But you can enjoy vegetables in many forms as a snack .


Healthy lunches can also be prepared quickly. For inspiration, you can try the main courses of bulgur and couscous .


You should think about dinner the same way you think about lunch. The amount of calories and energy intake should be the same. Try, for example, recipes for baked tomatoes .