Simple homemade lemonades

Do you want to follow your drinking regime in the summer, but are you a little bored with plain water? Try homemade lemonades! For a few crowns you can prepare a great refreshment and you can bet that you have most of the ingredients at home.

The basis of good homemade lemonade is chilled soda . Forget about non-organic bottled soda and make your own soda machine at home, there are countless home makers on the market. If you don't have ice-cold soda on hand, drop a few ice cubes in the bottom of a glass or pitcher.

Syrup must not be missing in every proper homemade lemonade! It's up to you whether you choose refreshing lemon, orange, elderberry, or reach for more aromatic fruit syrups. Don't be afraid to use even homemade syrups from grandmothers, the intense fruit flavor in combination with sparkling water tastes great and the dilution ratio is up to you.

If you put pieces of fruit or herbs in the lemonade, its taste will be even better. A classic variant is lemonade with crushed mint leaves, which really cools you down in the hot summer. However, you can also try the lesser-known lemon balm, motherwort, lavender sprigs or even rhododendron leaves. The most suitable fruit is that which is naturally juicy - citrus, grapes or, for example, watermelon. If you don't have fresh fruit at hand, you can also reach for the frozen version - lemonade with frozen raspberries or blueberries tastes great.

Also try non-traditional lemonades with pieces of vegetables - cut pieces of tomato or cucumber into the water. And if you leave a pickled cucumber in water overnight, substances beneficial for your health and skin will be released. So let's go! So homemade lemonades are not only good, but also healthy - try, for example, recipes for drinks that won't even put you on your stomach !

Mixed drinks that you can make at home

Popular cocktails are not only for parties, you can also improve any ordinary day with them. Enjoy a moment of relaxation with a good drink without consuming a drop of alcohol.

Prepare a lighter version of your favorite cocktails, the ingredients are easy to find in any large store or on the Internet. Don't be afraid to come up with your own combinations either, there are no limits to your imagination.

No inspiration? Try proven recipes for summer drinks .

Iced coffee - refreshment and boost on a hot day

If you are looking for a drink that will not only refresh you, but also give you a little boost, try iced coffee.

Its preparation is simple and you can improve its taste, for example, by adding whipped milk, cream or a scoop of ice cream. And how about blending cold coffee with ice cubes?