How to preserve meat in jars for the holidays

Use the time and especially the cheaper ingredients you have at home and cook food for your holiday or cottage. Whether you go camping under a tent or to an apartment by the sea, you will definitely appreciate the money saved and the fact that you don't have to spend your free time in the kitchen again.

You can either cook the whole meal (e.g. meat with sauce and pasta) together, or just cook the meat and the rest of the meal on the spot. The taste of preserved roasted meat is interesting , which is also suitable for eating cold with pastries, or you can try sterilized sausages and other sausages, which you can either eat as is, or continue to roast on the fire or grill.

You can use commonly available jars for canning meat, e.g. for cucumbers. The advantage is that you can throw away such jars for canning meat in the nearest glass container after use and do not take empty containers home. Canning in screw-top jars is easier, but remember to boil them before use.

How to properly preserve meat - without botulinum toxin

Although canning meat is not complicated, there is one risk compared to other preserves: the formation of botulinum toxin. The so-called sausage poison is produced when the meat is cooked improperly, and therefore it is necessary to pay particular attention to increased hygiene and carefully clean both the glasses and the utensils you use while working with the meat.

If you want to reduce the risk of botulinum toxin formation when canning meat to a minimum, can the meat itself. Seasoning ingredients such as onion, garlic or spices can start to ferment in the jar and ruin your work.

If you know that you will consume the food soon after cooking, just sterilize the finished food for about 1 hour in a cooking pot or oven. You can also try canning meat in the microwave - it is especially useful when you sterilize the whole meal together with the sauce.

If you want canned meat to last for several days or even weeks, you need to preserve the meat twice - you sterilize the jar with the meat for 60 minutes, then let it stand for 24 hours and preserve it for another 60 minutes. This method ensures the maximum durability of the dish.

What kind of meat is suitable for canning?

You can can both raw and boiled, baked or smoked meat. Can either the meat itself, which you will later use to prepare a meal, or the whole meal - canned food from a jar is always useful at home when there is no time to stand by the stove.

You can use raw meat canning especially if you suddenly have a lot of meat, e.g. from a slaughterhouse, and you need to store it quickly. Sterilized raw meat is suitable for later use, you can take it out of the jar already cooked.

If you are a lover of smoked meat, you don't have to worry about canning smoked meat either . Beware of too fatty pieces that could smell after opening the jar, choose lean parts instead. The same applies to the canning of grilled meat , the leaner it is, the tastier it will be when it is taken out of the jar.