What can be canned?

We can pick or preserve practically any vegetable, but the right preservation method must be chosen. Sterilized vegetables will then last the whole winter .

Vegetables with a high water content, such as cucumbers, courgettes or pumpkins, easily absorb the taste of the pickle and fall apart easily, so they cannot withstand long cooking.

On the other hand, harder root vegetables are best sterilized in the form of mixed salads and chalamades.

Very soft fruits such as tomatoes and peppers are then ideal for preparing the base for lecho. In the winter, you just tip the boiled vegetables out of the jar, season them, and a quick lunch is on the table.

We must not forget about canning mushrooms . Popular mushrooms with vinegar will remind you of summer walks in the forest in winter, and sterilizing them is not difficult.

Canning in hot lacquer

You must be familiar with pickled cucumbers drowned in sour pickle. But you can easily prepare other pickled delicacies in the same way: green beans, goat's horns or pieces of zucchini can be preserved with acid varnish . Mix the vegetable varnish according to your taste, some people like it more sour, with garlic or maybe chili peppers. Do you like hot? Try pickled hot peppers or add some chilli to the chalamade dressing.

Try also canning root vegetables and other "hard species". You can preserve carrots and parsley either separately or add it to, for example, cucumbers.

If you like vegetable salads, prepare a salad in a jar for the winter . Homemade chalamada is perfect as a side dish for a cold dinner during the winter months, when fresh vegetables from the supermarket are too cold for our body.

Fermented vegetables

Although not technically canning, fermenting vegetables is a popular and very healthy method of preservation. In our region, the most famous is fermented (soured) cabbage , which can be consumed either alone or as a base for other popular dishes. Fermented cucumbers are also popular, but other types of vegetables can also be processed in this way.

Prepare homemade fermented vegetables from Chinese cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, zucchini or even radishes, it just depends on your taste. You can also add hot pepper or ginger.

Pickled vegetables without canning can be eaten in just a few days and will literally give your body a cocktail of vitamins.