Lamb meat is traditionally prepared for Easter, but there is no reason to wait the whole year before eating it. Try delicious recipes that will make you fall in love with lamb.

How to prepare lamb

Lamb is a very young meat that is rich in nutrients. Thanks to the high content of minerals and proteins, it is recommended by experts for more frequent consumption than, for example, pork. But since it is meat from young animals, it is more expensive and you can't always get it everywhere. So if you have already invested your time and money in lamb, play around with its preparation and prepare one of the delicacies.

If you're a fan of summer barbecues , then you shouldn't forget about lamb. Grilled lamb chops, for example, are excellent , which in combination with a fresh salad and crispy fries are sure to delight every diner. Thanks to the use of high-quality meat, followers of a healthy lifestyle will also enjoy themselves .

Lamb in the Czech Republic and in the world

While in our country the consumption of lamb meat is often limited to the Easter holidays, lamb is one of the commonly used types of meat elsewhere in the world. The closest to us is probably Greek cuisine , which uses lamb in a wide range of traditional dishes.

Try the popular Greek delicacies with lamb , as you know them from your summer vacation. Among the most famous is the traditional moussaka , which you can easily prepare at home.

If you prefer Czech classics, you can also prepare an excellent schnitzel or skewer from lamb.