Thick soup for health

If you prepare an honest legume soup instead of the main meal from time to time, your body will thank you. Legumes are loaded with healthy proteins , vitamins and minerals and at the same time contain a minimum of fat, which is why we should regularly include them in our diet.

Surely you know lentils, peas or beans. But did you know that legumes include, for example, groundnuts, i.e. peanuts? In their case, however, we cannot talk about a zero amount of fat, peanut oil is pressed from peanuts. However, you can combine other legumes as you wish and cook your favorite handful soup, which also includes barley groats.

Legumes + vegetables=vitamin bomb

Try recipes for creamy vegetable and legume soups that will give your body a real cocktail of nutrients . Don't be afraid to experiment and combine different types of vegetables and legumes, for example with oriental spices. Legume soups are prepared not only in Czech cuisine, do you know some foreign recipes for soups ?

Also worth trying are the single-type legume soups , which are suitable as an appetizer before the main meal. Legume soup does not always have to be thick - a light green bean or pea soup is excellent even in hot summer.

We should consume green soups especially in the spring, when our body is weakened after the winter and needs fresh energy from vegetables. Therefore, reach for a handful of green legumes and prepare a spring soup that will refresh you, fill you up and start the new year!

Health benefits of legumes

Legumes and their dishes are packed with healthy nutrients, especially plant-based protein. They are therefore a very important source of protein not only for vegetarians and vegans , but should also be included in the diet of athletes or those trying to lose weight .

How are legumes beneficial for us:

  • They contain a high amount of protein
  • They contain little fat - suitable for reduction diets
  • They contain a large amount of minerals, especially calcium, iron and phosphorus
  • They contain group B vitamins
  • They lower the blood sugar level