Popular marmalades like grandma's

Take advantage of the summer fruit harvest and start canning. Overripe fruits are also excellent for jams, so you use everything that the garden has given you. However, watch out for pieces that start to mold or rot, they could later cause the destruction of the entire glass. In this case, it's really not worth saving, and it's better to throw all the bad pieces of fruit into the organic waste.

Among the most popular recipes is apricot marmalade , its characteristic sour taste and bright orange color are unmistakable. Did you know that you can also make apricot jam a little differently? Don't be afraid to experiment with ingredients, apricot marmalade with rum or a pinch of cinnamon is worth a try.

More acidic fruits , such as blackberries, currants or sour cherries, are perfect for jams . Blackberry marmalade is delicious on pancakes and if you want it really velvety, you need to strain the seeds. Raspberry or currant jam is perfect for filling Christmas cookies, and thanks to its high pectin content, it gels beautifully on its own.

If you are a strawberry lover, strawberry marmalade is certainly nothing new to you. You can enjoy it on fritters, in yogurt or on a piece of fresh bread with butter, it just depends on your taste.

Non-traditional jams and marmalades for gourmets

If you like to try new flavors, start making special marmalade. You will be surprised by what can be used to make delicious jam. Sweet pumpkin marmalade is definitely worth a try, as well as orange or even tomato jam. Don't be afraid to experiment, the result is worth it!