Meat spreads are popular dishes and have several advantages . You can use the leftovers of baked or boiled meat, they are healthy, you can easily make them in a diet version and the whole family will enjoy them. Don't forget the children either, meat spread for children can be part of a hearty and nutritionally valuable snack or dinner.

How to make a meat spread

Preparing meat spread is not complicated at all. Most of the time, you just need a few basic ingredients and a blender to blend everything until smooth. If you use minced meat, it is not necessary to mix the spread, just mix thoroughly. The same applies to fish and seafood spreads, e.g. crab sticks.

Preparation of hot and cold meat spread

Either use boiled or roasted meat for the meat spread. In this way, you can make great use of scraps or meat from broth that would otherwise not find use. A spread made from the remains of cooked meat has the advantage that the meat is already seasoned in advance. So you don't have to worry about the spread being bland and tasteless. Of course, you also have to season it separately. If you use pre-prepared meat, you can mix the spread cold.

The second group are meat spreads prepared while hot . You can make them either from raw minced meat or fish, and they undergo heat treatment only during the preparation of the spread itself. In recent years, the French meat spread - Rillettes - has been very popular . It is prepared from pork belly and is flavored with, among other things, white wine.

What kind of meat goes well with the spread

You can use almost any kind of meat in the meat spread . Since the meat itself does not have much taste, it is mainly the flavoring that matters. If you use thyme, rosemary and oregano, you have a French meat spread. When you add a pinch of chili or hot pepper, you get a spicy meat spread. The exception is then baked meat - a spread made from roasted meat has a more pronounced taste on its own.

You can use beef or pork, spreads and entrails pâtés are also excellent. Game spreads are also interesting. Chicken meat is not very flavorful, but if you cook it in advance with suitable spices, you will enjoy it too. Lean meat makes an excellent rabbit meat spread.

Don't forget about fish either, fish spread made from sardines, tuna or smoked salmon is one of the classic recipes for spreads .

If the pure meat spread seems too heavy, you can soften it by adding other ingredients. The meat spread with cottage cheese is light and tasty at the same time, and the meat spread with eggs and cucumber is also worth trying.