What ground meat do we have and how can we use it?

We can grind basically any meat. But in order for it to have the right properties and taste, you need to know what a piece of meat is best suited for.

  • Chicken

We can easily use the whole chicken for grinding. But when it comes to juiciness, thighs win.

  • Turkey

You can use the thighs for grinding. They are beautifully juicy. They make delicious turkey burgers.

  • Beef

The front part of the cattle, such as the neck, is suitable for grinding.

  • Pork

The thicker parts of the pig are suitable for grinding, ideally the belly.

  • Mutton and lamb

You can use the shoulder of mutton for grinding.

  • Rabbit

Minced rabbit meat can be used, for example, for chopped steaks. It is ideal to use the rear part of the rabbit for grinding and make an excellent soup out of the rest.

Ground meat in dishes

In what recipes can we use meat in this form? The meatloaf is certainly very well known. It can be made from any meat. Get inspired by our recipes for excellent meatloaf and make it from the meat you like.

And what about making meatballs? They are popular not only with children. Check out tips on how to make the best meatballs .

Of course, you can also use it for grilling. Try our recipes with minced meat for the grill .

Can't think of something quick to prepare for lunch? The ground semi-finished product is very quick to prepare. There are countless dishes that can be incorporated. Bolognese sauces, meatballs and burgers are delicious and full of juice with it.