Mixed drinks, drinks and cocktails have become very popular in recent years, and there's no reason why you can't make them at home. Try the best recipes that will turn your kitchen into your favorite bar!

Simple homemade blenders that will refresh you

If you want to try something really simple to start with, try these easy homemade lemonade recipes . With a few ingredients, you can conjure up a delicious refreshment in no time, which you can enjoy not only in summer, but also during a house party or barbecue with friends.

Don't be afraid of unusual combinations with pieces of fruit and sweet syrups. If you prefer the classics, reach for lemon, mint and cucumber slices.

Mixed drinks not only on New Year's Eve

Are you hosting a party or expecting a larger company? Homemade mixed drinks are a great choice that not only tastes good to most guests, but can also provide an interesting program. let guests mix their own cocktail of whatever they like or put on an impromptu bartending show - keep easy recipes for your favorite mixed drinks on hand.

The advantage of homemade mixers is the possibility to prepare a non-alcoholic version for all those who cannot or do not want to drink alcohol.

Iced coffee - the real summer boost

If you are a coffee lover, but the idea of a hot drink in the summer makes your forehead dewy, try iced coffee. There are countless recipes for chilled coffee and specialties made from it, and they will be loved even by staunch supporters of the coffee tradition.

You can also add sweet syrup or a pinch of oriental spices to the iced coffee, from cinnamon to cardamom, and you have a sweet treat. don't be afraid to experiment, it's up to you which coffee you enjoy.

Prepare a milk shake like from the American Bar

Do you love thick milkshakes with a rich cap of whipped cream on top? You don't have to get this delicacy only in a pastry shop, with the help of easy recipes for milkshakes you can easily make them in the comfort of your home.

Try the popular combinations of whipped milk and certain types of fruit, with which you can instantly create a healthy breakfast or a festive refreshment for a children's party.