A beloved American classic

Muffins are actually small cakes made of sponge dough that are baked in small paper cups. Thanks to this, you can easily take them to work, to a party or a trip, and a sweet snack is ready!

Traditional American muffins are baked from light or cocoa dough, into which pieces of chocolate, nuts, dried cranberries or other "surprises" are mixed. The best chocolate muffins can also contain three types of chocolate or even pieces of salted caramel - it's up to you how much you want to embellish your little cakes.

Don't be afraid of new ingredients

While Czech cakes and buns are baked from several types of basic dough and only the fillings and sprinkles change, sweet muffins can also be prepared from dough into which you directly mix other ingredients. For example , luxurious muffins with beetroot or excellent pumpkin dough muffins , which taste like gingerbread, are worth trying .

You can also experiment with the fillings - put some dough in the cupcake, put a nut, some nougat spread or maybe a banana round on it, and cover it with the rest of the dough. Baked banana muffins will hide a delicious surprise that will delight everyone who tastes them.

Muffin with frosting=cupcake

If classic muffins seem too simple to you, you can upgrade them to cupcakes. A cupcake is actually a muffin that has been given a rich cap of cream frosting and colorful decoration. In recent years, sweet muffins with icing have become more and more popular, for example at weddings or celebrations, where they look great and are practical to eat at the same time.