Short Atlas of Edible Mushrooms

The most commonly used and consumed mushrooms include:

  • champignons
  • oyster mushroom
  • mushrooms
  • green tea
  • pigeons
  • ducklings
  • slides
  • Cossacks
  • quartzite
  • chicks
  • bed
  • foxes
  • morels
  • needles
  • slimes
  • wobblers
  • the ear of Judas

Hearty soups that will fill you up

It is this ingredient that can take the soup up a notch. It will get not only a better taste, satiety, but also a wealth of nutrients. Mushrooms are rich in vitamin B2, B3 and E, which is a natural antioxidant. A huge advantage is that they are low in calories and at the same time have an effect on heart health. Taste delicious soups made from dried and fresh mushrooms and enjoy!

Slide them into the sauce!

Are sauces one of your dream foods? You can prepare delicacies from mushrooms. Whether you choose creamy or spicy goulash style, it doesn't matter. Improvise, experiment and taste new flavors. See how we would make the best mushroom sauces .

Bake them!

Do you have fresh mushrooms? It's a shame to use them all for canning or drying when you can eat them fresh. They can also be skillfully baked. Just add other popular ingredients and you have a hearty lunch or dinner for the army. Do you like potatoes, pasta or rice? Choose yourself and be inspired by our recipes for baked mushrooms .

Fry and eat quickly

You can quickly prepare, for example, fried food from them. Who wouldn't want this protein bomb? And it's not the same without mushrooms. Take a look at what delicious fried mushrooms you can prepare.

Of course, the delicious meatballs are also worth mentioning. Have you tried making them from mushrooms yet? Taste mushroom meatballs 3 times differently .

We keep

To preserve all the nutrients, it is optimal to choose drying. But if you don't have the opportunity, try canning or freezing them. Try our tips for canning mushrooms .