Classic unfilled

In addition to distinguishing by shape, we can also differentiate them by composition. They are made from white and wholemeal flour or even from potatoes. They are mostly made from semolina flour, i.e. durum wheat semolina. Some are egg and some are eggless.

Among the most famous are:

  • round (spaghetti, spaghettini, bucatini, spekle)
  • flat wider noodles (tagliatelle, fettuccine, pappardelle, pizzoccheri)
  • tubes and collars (penne, rigatoni, cannelloni)
  • farfalle
  • spindle (fusilli)
  • gnocchi (gnocchi, radiatori)
  • round (rotelle)
  • mussels (cavatelli, orecchiette)
  • sheets (lasagna)

Famous combinations include spaghetti bolognese, pasta carbonara or great baked lasagna . For unfilled pasta, we can choose different types of sauces, from cheese, to vegetable, to meat. Check out the best pasta recipes .

Try making homemade gnocchi according to our instructions , it's really worth it. It will be made from honest ingredients!

The most famous stuffed

  • Ravioli
  • Tortellini
  • Canelloni (rolls that can be filled)
  • Cappelleti (small stuffed hats)

Ravioli are a non-dried type of pasta that is filled with spinach and ricotta, cheese, herb mixture or perhaps smoked salmon.

Tortellini are also filled with the popular combination of spinach and ricotta, as well as vegetable or meat mixture, cream and cheese.

Perfect for the broth

  • Alfabetti: alphabet and numbers
  • Anelli's little rings
  • Farfalline (mini bows)
  • Capellini tagliati (thin short spaghetti)
  • Conchigliette (Mussels)
  • Peperini (balls and cubes)
  • Stelline (asterisks)