Popular recipes with peas

If you've only known pea puree until now, you might be surprised at how many delicious recipes you can conjure up from ordinary peas.

Peas have their irreplaceable place in vegetarian and vegan cuisine , where they replace meat thanks to their high protein content. Meatless recipes with peas do not have to be boring at all. Try the pea meatballs, for example. You can make these either from boiled peas, fresh green peas or pea flour. The so-called peas, i.e. pea flour, are also great as a healthy alternative to roux when thickening soups and sauces. Pea flakes have a similar use, which you can use either when preparing the dough for pea pancakes, or you can mix them into salads or soups.

What is the difference between peas and peas?

Games can be found in the kitchen in two different forms. It is the only legume that can be eaten raw, but in that case peas are considered a vegetable. As? The difference is in the composition.

Raw green peas have a sweet taste and contain a lot of vitamins. As soon as it dries, a hard yellow pea is formed, which is significantly poorer in vitamins, but richer in minerals. It is therefore healthy to consume both - each of them provides us with different beneficial substances. The preparation of dishes from peas and peas is also different.

How to prepare peas

Dried peas are hard and require more time to prepare. Like other legumes, it is a good idea to soak it in water for several hours before cooking.

Since the peas are pre-shelled, they begin to fall apart after cooking. Therefore, it is suitable for mixed and mushy dishes, such as the popular pea porridge or various spreads . Pickled peas prepared in the style of the popular lentil or Indian legume curry are also worth trying.

You can also eat boiled peas cold - just mix them into a salad or make a healthy spread from them .

How to prepare peas

In season, it is best to work with fresh peas, and out of season, frozen peas are a great substitute. You can also buy sterilized peas in a can, but they are in a slightly salty pickle and have their own specific taste. It perfectly complements the traditional potato salad , but it is better to cook the soup from frozen.

Among the most popular pea recipes is creamy pea soup , which is very quick to prepare. You can also add peas to classic vegetable soups, where they perfectly complement other popular vegetables.

Health benefits of peas

As already said, green peas and dried yellow peas have a slightly different composition and, as a result, different effects on our health.

  • Green peas contain vitamins C, K and B1
  • It is a source of folic acid, especially important during pregnancy
  • It contains carotenes important for our eyesight
  • Supports natural immunity
  • Improves the quality of hair and skin
  • Yellow peas contain iron, magnesium, potassium and manganese
  • Thanks to the high protein content, they are more satiating
  • It has a regenerative effect
  • Suitable for reduction diets