Potato doughs that wouldn't be without potatoes

We definitely have to mention the potato pancakes. These have earned a lot of dough recipes, but they always contain this unique ingredient. For inspiration, look at potato pancakes in several variants .

Then the dough for the potato dumplings. You can make them in both salty and sweet forms. what do you do Don't know what to do? Get inspired by our potato dumplings filled with meat and vegetables .

Thanks to our Slovak neighbors, we know gnocchi, which we can prepare in several forms. We know wonderful gnocchi from the south of Europe and gnocchi here. See how to prepare the best dough for gnocchi, gnocchi and gnocchi .

Traditional and non-traditional side dishes

How do you prefer to prepare them as a side dish? Mashed or American potatoes, porridge, fried ducats or fries are certainly classics.

Side dishes can be prepared a little differently. Do you want to taste the news? Get inspired by tips on potatoes in an unconventional way . Potatoes au gratin are also a great option to use instead of a side dish. It is essentially potatoes baked in different ways .

Baked potatoes as a main course for lunch or dinner

They can be baked in any way... With or without the skin. Cut into cubes, slices or rounds. You can also prepare them hollowed out and filled. Or just smeared with butter and sprinkled with salt. For example, make potatoes baked in the oven in different ways .