Breakfast quickly and to go

If you have a busy day ahead of you and you don't have time to eat a hearty meal, prepare a smoothie from fresh ingredients. If you prepare it in the evening, just take it with you and shake it on the way to work or school and treat yourself to a vitamin bomb. For example, try a banana smoothie in 5 ways and breakfast to go is ready.

For a denser form, we recommend preparing a simple breakfast of oatmeal . Or are you more tempted by a salty breakfast? A slice of wholemeal bread and a salty cheese spread is all you need .

Snacks for morning and afternoon

Do you get hungry between meals? Or do you need a tempting snack for school or work? For example, prepare wonderful baked toasts in 4 easy variants . As a light snack, we recommend the perfect blueberry smoothie .

Lunches once or twice

Many recipes can be cooked quickly. It certainly won't be tenderloin or duck, but you can still enjoy it. It depends on whether you choose vegetable, meat or legume dishes. From vegetable dishes, we have recipes for spinach ready in a few minutes .

You can quickly prepare chicken meat in 7 variations from meat dishes . Or try recipes for beef in a minute .

Cold and hot dinners

Everyone will be pleased with a crispy dinner even from older pastries. Can't make it? Prepare delicious baked toasts . For a heartier dinner for the whole family, you can prepare pasta of your choice with sauce .

When an unexpected visitor arrives

An unexpected visit can be a pleasant surprise. But what can be prepared quickly? Let's not be taken by surprise. We always have the ingredients for pancakes at home. Let's prepare pancakes in a salty and sweet way . There will also be no shortage of drinks to choose from. See how a great drink is ready in a minute .