How to process strawberries

Strawberries are among the most popular fruits and we often don't know what to do with them in their main season. Fortunately, they have almost universal use. So, if you've been self-picking and now you don't know how to process strawberries, try our great recipes!

Store fresh strawberries unwashed in the refrigerator and check daily for mold or rot caused by crushing. Eat the prettiest fruits raw, or blend them into a delicious and healthy fruit smoothie .

Thanks to their sweet taste and bright red color, strawberries are ideal for preparing sweet pastries and buns . You can also use them in fruit dumplings, especially cottage cheese dumplings with strawberries taste wonderful!

We mustn't forget the canning of strawberries either - strawberry jam is one of the most popular preserves, and strawberry compote will preserve the taste of summer for the whole winter. And have you tried baked tea with strawberries and spices?

Simple pastries with strawberries

Strawberries are suitable for all kinds of sweet baking. Among the most popular is a quick bubble with strawberries , which even a beginner can handle. In the same way, you don't have to worry about other strawberry treats: homemade sponge cake with strawberries or strawberry muffins are ready once or twice and taste great.

Strawberries look beautiful and are therefore popularly used to prepare cakes and pies "under glass", i.e. with a layer of gelatin. If you are afraid that your jelly will not harden, you can also use custard powder, which you mix with fruit juice. The result will not be as clear as gelatin, but the strawberry pudding prepared in this way will taste great.

No-bake recipes with strawberries

The main season for strawberries is summer, and hot days directly encourage the preparation of chilled pastries and goodies from the fridge. No-bake strawberry cakes and desserts are simple and on a hot day, they are an ideal snack as well as a festive treat.

Frozen strawberry recipes are also worth trying: homemade popsicles with strawberries or strawberry pulp will give you true summer refreshment. Plus, ripe strawberries are sweet on their own, so you don't need to use added sugar. Such popsicles are therefore an ideal summer treat for small children.

5 reasons to eat strawberries

In addition to looking and tasting great, strawberries also have health benefits for our body:

  • contain more vitamin C than citrus fruits
  • they are rich in other vitamins and minerals
  • they support brain activity
  • they help in weight reduction
  • they are excellent for skin and hair masks