Plum main dishes

Who doesn't love sweet plum dumplings ? There are several ways to make them. some prefer cottage cheese dumplings, others prefer traditional potato dough. You can then sprinkle the finished dumplings with plums with poppy seeds, cinnamon sugar or ground nuts.

However, there are many more ways to process plums. Plums are perfect, for example, for preparing a sweet and sour sauce for smoked meat or pork tenderloin. You can also use dried plums or plum jam, which you can also use in a warm kitchen.

Sweet plum cakes all year round

Plums are excellent on baked cakes and buns. It's up to you whether you bake your favorite bublanin, a traditional Wallachian frgál or a quick pie with plums and crumb .

Try to prepare plums in an unconventional way, plum chutney with an exotic touch has been popular recently, and if you are one of the lovers of sweet treats from the cafe, you definitely have to try hot plums with whipped cream!

Plums are suitable for freezing, just pit them and store them in a suitable bag. Frozen plums do not need to be thawed before use, in the case of dumplings, their hard consistency is even easier to work with. You can prepare sweetplum cakes and dumplings all year round.

5 reasons to eat plums

Plums are at home in our country and therefore their consumption is natural and beneficial. Plums, especially in raw and dried form, contain a number of vitamins and minerals and can have a positive effect on our health, especially in the following areas:

  • thanks to their high content, they detoxify, speed up metabolism and improve digestion
  • they help prevent colon cancer and cataracts thanks to the proportion of vitamin E and C
  • they reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood
  • acts preventively against myocardial infarction and atherosclerosis
  • they help with weight loss diets because they fill you up quickly