Salad with chicken - a popular classic

Vegetable salad with chicken meat is easy to prepare and you can take it with you to work as a packed lunch. There are countless variations - just use slightly different ingredients each time. If you want to ward off just a little hunger, prepare a fitness vegetable salad with chicken and yogurt dressing sprinkled with nuts and seeds. On the contrary, a quick salad with chicken and pasta will provide you with a proper lunch.

If you like restaurant-style lunches , you don't necessarily have to spend a lot of money every day. You can easily make a restaurant-style salad at home and for a fraction of the price. Try, for example, a world classic such as Caesar salad with chicken meat and croutons or an improved version of the Mediterranean delicacy - Šop vegetable salad with chicken meat and Balkan cheese. Do not forget to always add a little olive oil, thanks to which your body will also absorb fat-soluble vitamins.

If you don't like the vegetables themselves, prepare a tasty dressing that will give the salad a twist. A yogurt, honey-mustard or Provençal dressing with dried herbs is best for chicken salad.

Cold salads with meat - a Czech classic

If you are among the lovers of traditional Czech cuisine , then you will certainly be pleased with the recipes for popular gourmet salads. A favorite vlašák, Parisian or potato salad does not necessarily mean a dietary sin. Bet on quality ingredients and choose whole grain bread as a side dish.

5 tips for a simple chicken salad

  • Always prepare the meat separately and add it to the salad at the end
  • Try chicken thigh meat, it is juicier and contains more nutrients
  • You can also use leftover sausages to prepare classic Czech gourmet salads
  • Store the salad with chicken and mayonnaise in the refrigerator for a maximum of 3 days
  • If you have a small portion of salad left, add some cooked pasta to it and you have a light lunch