Milk or cream sauces and their variations

One of the sauce bases is called béchamel. It is a milk sauce that is cooked in butter. Our traditional dill or horseradish sauce can be made from this base. You can also process it into a cheese sauce or use it, for example, in lasagna. Check out our tips on how to use béchamel .

Among the cream sauces we can include sauce with mushrooms, kulajda or other sauces with dill in different ways . She uses both sweet and sour cream in her recipes.

Just vegetables

Vegetables can be combined with meat or simply served as a side dish. Tomato sauces are quite popular for us. From Czech cuisine, we must mention tomato sauce. Do you prefer it with stuffed peppers or meatballs? Try our best recipes for tomato sauces .

Zucchini, carrot, cabbage and pepper sauces are certainly delicious.

Meat with vegetables

This combination is among the most popular. The meat will give the sauce even better flavor. As a representation, we can certainly mention various types of goulash, sirloin, Bolognese or Znojmo. Get inspired by our sirloin sauce with or without cream and enjoy!

Cold side dishes and dips

Tartare, mayonnaise and mustard. We know this trio well. It belongs to the headquarters of cold sauces. They have a variety of uses, so we certainly cannot do without them. You can also prepare them at home. Try different homemade mayonnaise recipes every time .

In cold form, it is also suitable as a topping or dressing for salads. Cold sauces of a thicker consistency are intended for dipping and are called dips. Taste tips for dips for different dishes .