Prepare appetizers for beer or wine

Sausages are directly encouraged to be used in a cold kitchen. Prepare homemade cold delicacies that are perfect for sitting down with beer or wine in the evening.

Preparing cold appetizers from sausages is easy, with a little time and skill you can prepare your favorite delicacies at home, such as drownings, braised salad or various rolls with healthy fillings .

Cold meat as a main course

A piece of smoked meat or sausage is great when you don't have time to cook for a long time. There is nothing easier than preparing a fried quick dish - try proven recipes for quick sausages .

Main dishes with cold cuts also belong to traditional Czech dishes, so don't hesitate to include them in your menu. Prepare popular main courses with sausages , which our great-grandmothers already loved.

Up for the BBQ!

Sausages, led by smoked meat, directly encourage outdoor use and preparation on the go. Thanks to smoking, they have a longer shelf life than fresh meat , so they are an excellent solution for a holiday or a weekend stay at a cottage. Are you going to a Friday barbecue with friends ? Don't forget a simple salami hamburger , sharper spicy burritos or classic bacon grilled in foil .

Don't know how to prepare grilled sausages? Try our proven recipes and procedures for roasting sausages, spekacs and burritos .